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Westport, CT

at a Glance

POPULATION  26,690 +/-
AREA  22.4 square miles with approximately 5 miles of coastline on Long Island Sound.

Westport is located just 55 miles from New York City. This charming town offers something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a home nestled in the country or a beach community, Westport has it!Connecticut Yachting and Sailing

Many people continue to choose Westport as their home due to its easy commute, excellent schools, and abundant leisure and cultural activities, including a vibrant downtown with shops and restaurants, Longshore – the town’s public Country Club, and so much more.

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A Love Letter to Westport
Reprinted from the Westport News December 24, 2004

When I was in my late teens, I traveled with my father who was in sales, and one of the stores he called on was a clothing store on Main Street. Part of the enjoyment of traveling with him was lunch. And this day was no different. There was a Chinese restaurant on Main Street where we ate, and then took a walk in the back of Main Street by the water. I remember remarking to my dad, “When I grow up I hope I can live in a house in Westport.” So, I guess it was love at first sight.

Beachfront PropertyMany years later the dream became a reality. My husband and I moved with our two little daughters to a lovely house in the town of my dreams. And that was 44 years ago, but the thrill of Westport never seems to wear thin. My girls attended public schools here, getting the attention one can only dream about. Teachers were our neighbors and friends then, and the caring was overwhelming. I didn't work when my children were young, so enjoyed the PTA, made lasting friendships, played tennis, my husband golfed, we enjoyed the beach and Fourth of July, and Staples Players, and wonderful restaurants, Memorial Day Parades, a first class library (even before the new building) too many things to mention.

But now it is 44 years later and the thrill lingers. Life has changed, the girls are grown professional women. For the last 25 years I have owned my own business, working very hard to get myself established, but at the end of each day, just walking at the beach, or watching a sunset, or walking at Winslow, my thoughts all stray to the wonder of this town. To the familiar faces in the supermarket. The acquaintances I run into in the restaurants or just walking on Main Street. How lucky I am.

I must say the greatest pleasure of all for me is Winslow Park. What forward thinking people we have had at the helm of this town to have put 22 acres aside for walking and enjoying or just doing nothing at all, which has all but become a lost art in this town. How beautiful to watch the sun go down, see the dogs playing, see their owners having a few relaxed moments from their busy days, mom's with their carriages joggers, kids and sled in the winter.

To have such a beach, one mile from my house, unbelievable. An Olympic pool at Longshore, sailing, tennis courts, golf; what doesn't this town have? I have had occasion to call the police a few times over the years. I don't think I have even hung up the phone when they appeared at the door. The same is true for the EMS (Emergency Medical people). And the dedication of the people who serve this town. Bless all of you who give tirelessly of your time and energy especially as everyone in this town seems to have a point of view and wants to be heard, even if it is midnight. And show me another town where you get to meet, eat and chat with the top executive. Hats off to you Dianne.

Yes, I knew this was the right place for me, so I just want to say “Thank You Westport.” You have given me a really nice life, and I am hoping for many more years of pleasure.

Jayne Mauborgne


Westport, CT's west bank downtown